3M™ E-A-R™, Model 2000H Earmuffs, Hard Hat Attached, 330-3031

The 3M E-A-R Model 2000H Earmuffs (330-3031) are made from lightweight, non-conductive, dielectric plastic that will not allow electricity run through it and will not conduct heat. 3M ear muffs comes with large, soft ear cushions that fit comfortably around your ears and offer reliable hearing protection. The Model 2000H will mount onto most slotted hardhats and features an "at rest" position which eliminates contact with other gear to reduce contamination and distortion. Replacement ear cushions are available and extend the life of your earmuffs.

  • Constructed of non-conductive, dielectric plastic
  • Large ear cups
  • Soft, foam-filled ear cushions
  • Mounts to most slotted hardhats
  • "At-Rest" position eliminates distortion, contamination
  • NRR 21 dB. CSA class B

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