All Clean Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray

All Clean Natural Hand Sanitizer anti-bacterial cleanser is gentle on sensitive skin & leaves hands feeling soft. Directions: Spray directly on skin & massage in evenly.

Use after:

  • Changing Diapers
  • Picking Up After Pets
  • Pushing Shopping Carts
  • Pumping Gas
  • Your Finger Breaks Through Toilet Paper

Medical Ingredient: 70% Ethyl Alcohol V/V 62% W/W Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Fragrance.

Volume: 60mL (2fl oz) & 236ml (8fl oz)

Available in Spray top or Squeeze Top > Squeeze Tops are in "Lemon Mint" and Spray Tops are in "Fresh Scent"

*Note the 8oz sprays are unscented. 


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